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Fer de Jong Jongert

One of my employers in the past used to have the Diversity and Inclusion slogan:

“We like you, because you’re different!”

At that time, I really found that very appealing and modern. Yes, this is how you include everyone, I thought. It made me feel proud of my company.

Now, more than 10 years further, having more business and personal experiences, knowledge and wisdom of people and life, I think differently about this.

When we really want to include, engage and empower everyone in an organisation, we need to act differently.

When you talk about diversity, inclusion and being diverse, you highlight differences. Black, yellow, white, straight, gay, transgender, abled and disabled. Whatever your being of diverse is, you highlight it!

In these words is already set: “Being different from the rest”. From the moment you start with your best intentions.

Part of a your people will feel “blessed”, that they are not that diverse and part of the majority. The “real” diverse people, the minorities, feel like a 0-1 loss to the majority having this label. In other words, not everyone is engaged to this initiative.

The intention of a Diversity Program is to include. The name itself however starts highlighting EXclusion. How appealing is this to diverse people? Do you really feel welcome in your family-in-law when your differences from this family are highlighted, announced and posted on walls even before you enter the family house?

The intention of Diversity and Inclusion is to bring everyone together, bring the Best and work in the Best Well-Being. The Best Well-Being appears when we focus on our similarities (Being Well), not on our differences (Not Being Well).

What can we do?

Instead of talking about Diversity or Inclusion, use other words. I suggest Togetherness and Best Self. Words that you do not see in corporates at this time and expresses what engages us all together and appeals to all. Clearly stating what you want to achieve in a positive and empowering way. Motivating and reaching all people.

A well-being like this brings people together. A setting where everyone is able to bring the Best.

Here slogans of an organisation that focuses on Best Well-Being:

Our Togetherness means: YOU being able to Bring Your Best!
We help you to be able to bring your Best!
We empower your Best!
We create Togetherness: we support you being YOU!
We facilitate you with that what is needed to be able to bring Your Best!
Interested in how to bring Best Well-Being alive? Click here Better Together


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