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Fer de Jong Jongert

“Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts”.

At school we all learn the word Synergy. A beautiful word with a great meaning.

“1+ 1 = at least 3!”

In more than 20 years of work experience, I somehow never found this word in business settings. That surprises me, because organisations are always interested in bringing best results alive.

Why do we not use the word synergy to focus and deliver better results in organisations?

Being a “1” means a person delivering best results using full personal potential. Living with purpose, work with meaning, have focus and bringing in the best self at work.

When you have found that one: You have to find another person or persons like that.

This is really challenging. Take a look around you. And look honestly to yourself in the mirror as well.

Are you using your FULL personal potential these days? And what about your co-workers?

I think that this is the reason why we do not use the word synergy in organisations. Look at how we have organised ourselves. People are simply not able to use their full personal potential!

An organisation is full of boxes. In these boxes we have guidelines, tasks, behaviors even and values that you should have. “Meet the requirements as set!”, is what we ask our people before we reward them. We have created boxes like positions, disciplines and levels. But also programmes, new ways of working. No flexibility is provided, in the setting we are working in. It is simply not possible to be YOU at work and bring your full personal potential, without any boundaries or limitations that are already set.

Is synergy not possible then in organisations?

Oh yes it is. But it requires another mindset. A mindset that shifts from “I do what is requested from me in my current setting” to giving trust in “My current setting is a flexible workspace, supporting me to bring in my best”. This creates trust, ownership and innovation.

When your organisation asks you to bring in your best, the mindset will shift organically. Any true boundary or limitation, not being able to bring in your best, will be openly discussed and transformed into new development ideas. To create a better organisation driven by your people.

Organisations do the best they can to bring out the best of you, in your current position. Being able to control what people do. A true organisation growth opportunity, delivering better results, flexible co-workers, working with an adaptive and collaborative mindset, comes from creating space to all your people to simply BE and bring their best selves to work.

Bringing fulfilment, purpose, meaning and passion alive amongst all of your people. All you need to do is let loose (not give up!) the setting of all the boxes and with that all limitations. Using the organised setting as a flexible starting point to support all your people bringing in their best. This creates ownership and is the best preparation for better entrepreneurship, dare to take risks, being innovative and a solid challenge partner for your competitors!

Enjoy Synergy!

Better Together, from HARD to Heart.


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