“Fer guided us skillfully through the process of finding our individual Best Self, standing in your Best Self and becoming the Best Team. It is now up to us to keep excelling. His open en kind personality in combination with a sharp empathic ability, makes him very approachable and capable to intervene at the right time without creating resistance. This way he makes the team achieve great results”.

Lean Behavioural & Cultural Change Specialist

“I always enjoyed working with Ferry and value him as a colleague and coach. He is very motivated, enthousiaistic and thorough when it comes to understanding the real drivers behind people’s performance. Also as a colleague he likes to challenge you and to understand your (personal) drivers to ensure you get the best out of yourself”.

Strategic HR Business Partner

“One of Fer’s unique coaching skills is to guide the discussion in a such a way that you almost become your own coach. Working with Ferry is bound to be an eye-opening and insightful experience”.


“Ferry supported me in building a strong program managementteam. He is an active listener and learned the team to listen toothers. This improved the team effectiveness significant”

Program Leader

“It is with great enthusiasm that I write this recommendation as Fer gave me, and many other students from Erasmus University, great insights about how to approach better job interviews. His humor, way of thinking and way of making students understand what is being said really stands out and sticks in your mind, something that particularly helped me to have 4/4 managers from Unilever engaged in my speed dating interviews, resulting in the offer of a position as a Marketing Intern! Thank you Fer and hoping that you keep sharing value and inspiring students!”


“Fer’s ‘Better Together’ concept combines personal empowerment and team results in a unique and innovative way. I have had the privelege of receiving a personal Best Self Coaching Session from Fer and the approach of using what is inherent and latent in an individual to achieve excellence is not only powerful but also satisfying. I can see the result in my effectiveness at the office and in my personal life, where I often ask : “What would my Best Self do in this situation?”. Listening to and acting upon what comes naturally and what feels good to me not only makes me happier and more effective but also makes me perform better in my work situation and in my team.  Thank you Fer for you simple yet amazing insights!”

Global Change Management Lead

“Fer has a professional and authentic approach in facilitating the Better Together sessions. His approach enabled openness, trust and curiosity between me and the team so that we were willing to learn from each other to become better together. Feedback during the team meeting from Fer as an observer/temporary team member supported us to stay connected to our Best Self and to grow as a team with great results. Today, we are still using our Best Self name plates as a reminder to activate our Best Self during our team sessions. It was a very valuable experience that is essential for every company who wants to get the best results by activating the best selves of their employees! I highly recommend Fer de Jong for Best Self Activation”.


“Fer is an inspiring speaker and coach. He gave a lecture to our students, and throughout the term tutored a seminar group in job-finding skills. His specialized workshop on job interviewing was highly successful for many students. Fer easily establishes good rapport with his audience and he is excellent at guiding people in their personal and professional development. A pleasant guy to work with”.

Best Value Advisor

“Fer’s coaching style achieves excellent coaching results through challenging existing behaviours and assisting in developing new and constructive approaches to work situations resulting in lasting value to the individual and company”.

Global Account Manager

“Last night I met Fer during his workshop. During his 2 hoursworkshop he re-activate my curiosty to search of MY BESTSELF. Thank you very much”.

Program Manager

“I have worked with Ferry in 2014/2015 at Philips, where Fer was an excellent HR Director and Team Performance Coach in the Philips Accelerate! Business Transformation organisation. Fer helped to improve my own and my team’s performance by quickly assessing team performance issues and taking the right interventions to make us grow into high performing teams. I have enjoyed working with Fer in this role and I want to endorse and recommend him to all who consider to engage him”.


“It is shocking. There is a before and after with Fer’s Best Self & Better Together. I have been fortunate to come across Fer de Jong Jongert in my career, when we were organizing the different subjects of the Master in Industrial IoT at the University of Girona. A good friend of mine, and project manager at a multinational company, recommended Fer for the sessions on team management. The Best Self & Better Together method was risky, being something out of the ordinary. However, after the first conversations with Fer I immediately felt confident, comfortable and that we were in safe hands.

Fer meets all expectations. He is a very easy person to get along with. He is very personable and inspires confidence and calm. Concerning the sessions, he conveys the information very well and what is most surprising is the attitude of the team after his classes. His sessions are held at the beginning of the course, precisely when the participants least know each other and there are some barriers in the relationships between them, and with themselves. After the Best Self & Better together sessions, even the most shy brought out the best in themselves, and the cohesion of the team was much higher, increasing performance both personally and as a group. It came out naturally, something inexplicable made a “click” and suddenly, everything flowed better. People were able to share their experiences with others, as if they have known each other for a long time. Collaborations between them produce results and you could feel good mood floating in the air. I have seen this a couple of times, with different groups of people, and I was impressed.

For this reason, I would recommend without hesitation Best Self & Better Together if someone wants to improve their work team, both in terms of interpersonal relationships, creating an optimal environment that makes people collaborate and progress together. Fer leaves no one indifferent”.

Associate Professor

Fer is an inspirational, enthusiastic and dedicated person towork with. He has the ability of coaching students in a verypositive and natural way. The students really liked his tutorialand lecture!”

Programme Coordination Manager