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Fer de Jong Jongert

We like to see, talk, read and learn how to become a person that has arrived on the highest stage of being successful. We love to talk about leaders, leadership, success, huge achievements, big salaries, penthouses, million-dollar yachts and everything that is related to being successful and how to get there. People like to look up to successful people.

This is what we use in how we develop people. All training programmes, books, learnings, blogs, motivators and other empowering ways, show and talk about successful leadership or highlight a specific leader.

Does this kind of development also create more successful leaders and do we, in this way, truly empower and educate people to become that leader?

Honestly, there are not a lot of very successful business leaders that we all know. Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates are the most famous ones, I guess.

How come that we all look up to just these few examples and we take our lessons and are educated from their path to this success and their kind of leadership?

What I have seen in people development is that explaining what others did to empower and stimulate your personal development, is not always the most effective way to stimulate your own development.

Is the only way to become a leader to look up to a few examples? Or should you take a look at yourself and activate You Being A Leader; Your Best Self?

Any personal development always starts with the key player: YOU. Whatever you want to achieve, what path you choose, whatever you want to become always starts with YOU!

With what is provided to support you becoming a leader: Can you really learn to be a leader? Or is being a leader actually the ultimate state of simply Being Your Best Self?

Best leaders are born to lead. They are strongly connected to themselves. They know who they are and how they come across (Self-Awareness), they care for and support others to bring the Best and they try to create an environment, a well-being, to be able to bring the Best Result. Always together.

When we do not only look up to the few successful and famous examples, you start seeing many inspiring leaders around you! Not only at highest levels of organisations. Without leadership books, nor any expensive programs you can learn from people around you that they are strongly connected to their Best Self. Showing you, day-in-day-out, how you can successfully lead. Free of charge!

So far I did not find in any leadership training, programme or inspiring material the chapter: Start with Being Who You Are. Your Best Self. And when you know what your Best Self is, you can create the Best Team, people that know their Best as well. Bringing Best Result in the self-created Best-Well Being.

The words Leader and Leadership have some challenges. There is negativity around these words because they divide a group of people in “Leaders” and “Others”, “Me” and “You”. With all the knowledge we have these days, we know that Best Result is always achieved together.

Let us start talking about a Better Together and “We”. Start to bring Best Result in a Best Well-Being that develops everyone in an organisation. By simply having and getting space to Be YOU and Bring Your Best Self!

Interested? Click Here for more information about activating Best Self in your organisation to have a Better Together Well-Being in which everyone leads.

Enjoy your day!


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