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Fer de Jong Jongert

Culture change programmes, values, ethics, behaviours, new ways of working and new environments to work. Organisations do a lot to actively build a culture that should match people needs to work and perform better.

Looking at how we are raised and how we raise our children. Of course we have values, we have our ethics and ways of doing. We want to learn our children how to behave in situations and how to treat people well. But are we actively working on and taking initiatives to create a culture at home, like organisations do?

What we do at home is bring in our values and ethics, not by constantly repeating them or writing them on the wall or create a room where the magic should happen. We bring our values and ethics in being an example as a father, mother, or care-taker.

Culture is not a “thing” you create, change or adapt by a written process. When people are teaming-up, whether it is a family, a neighborhood, a city, a country, a continent or a football team, organisation or a group of volunteers, they simply ARE. And by Being Together a Well-Being automatically appears. Every group of people (two or more) has a Well-Being.

This Well-Being is attractive, that is the reason why these people want to team-up. And this Well-Being is not explainable in a list of values, like being honest, responsible and prudent. Well-Being is much more than that. Well-Being is actually the sum of the Best Selves of all the people that are part of this group. Any Well Being is unique, because this group of people is always different. Organically formed, self-created, not created by a process, nor actively changeable by outside interference. Well-Being IS.

As groups of people change, Well-Being changes at these moments as well. For example a teammate accepts another job and steps out of this team, the Well-Being changes. And this is okay. Every Well-Being is unique and will form another Well-Being.

So what can you do to have a Well-Being, where people perform best and and are doing well? When you, in a family, a country, a continent or an football team, organisation or a group of volunteers, want to have the Best Well-Being, the only thing you do is create space to bring in their best. Create space for people’s Best Self. So they can be who they truly are, bring that what makes them so unique, let them do what they think is right to do, based on what they feel is the right thing to do, from their inner guide. Their intuition.

By doing so, a setting for the Best Well-Being is created. People are strongly connected to and can be their Best, for themselves and for others. Together they create the best team, bringing the Best possible results for this group of people who are proudly working in the self-created Best Well-Being.

Better Together empowers your Best Self, creates the Best Team that brings the Best Result in the Best Well-Being.



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