“No Must” Experiences

The “No Must” Experience is a gathering of people who do not know each other (max. 40). No agenda, no content or workshops are offered.

One purpose: meeting each other without any “Must”.

This space invites you to be fully present, be yourself. Without having any expectation.

In organisations, educational institutes and in teams or groups of co-workers, this “No Must” Experience is new.

Not having to do anything stimulates everyone to connect differently with each other. Enabling new and different ways of connecting.

The given space initially feels uncomfortable but is quickly filled with new sounds and noises. Everyone experiences new and different ways to connect.

The freedom in this space to create and discover brings something new. Freedom and innovation are personally experienced in this experiment.

Recommended by groups and teams seeking inspiration, innovation and empowerment in their team building.

“No Must” Experiences are positive, easy to organize and very enjoyable. Always resulting in something new and good that sticks.