In Third-Level Education

Better Together Experiences take place at third-level education of various study programmes.

Experiences consist of:

  • What is my Best Self?
  • What does my Best Self for me and for others?
  • What is a Best Group?
  • How does a Best Group work towards Best Result?
  • Evaluation of the Best Well-Being Experience

This experience of working together by putting one’s Best Self to work has delivered resonating results at various educational institutions.

Best Self and Better Together activation take place in master classes and learning programmes for (international) students.

  • Present your Best Self to recruiters and hiring managers
  • Create a Better Together with the interviewer

These one-off activation sessions are packed with role-playing exercises.

Students are challenged to use Best Self proactively at any point in the masterclass or learning journey.

This has been taking place at Erasmus University for more than 10 years.