In Primary Education

Better Together Experiences take place at primary schools.

After yoga exercises in the gym, after which you feel your body, the Best Self of children (9-12 years) is activated.

By drawing and sharing the Best Self, we can more consciously use Best Self in the group and in activities.

Not only at school. Best Self is a wonderful topic to share at home with parents and educators, brothers and sisters, grand dad and ma. After sharing your Best Self, ask “What is your Best Self?

What is it? What does it do? How can we use it?

Teachers of the children participate fully in the experience and are part of forming the Best Group.

The attached photo was taken during one of the Better Together Experiences.

As Best Result we visited a community center where younger people and older met.
Topic of conversation: Best Self. A special well-being arose.

Better Together Experiences in primary schools are also made possible by municipalities.