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Fer de Jong Jongert

Job descriptions, positions, disciplines, structures, processes, programs such as Agile, LEAN, Six Sigma but especially the prevailing hierarchy, to whom you have to listen (and that is why you are waiting, you need instructions!). Management meetings, bila’s, work discussions, you do not want to know what and how many activities you do that have nothing to do with productive working. But everything with structure, hierarchy or conceived “formats for improving work processes” in organisations.

Room for man to be productive as a human in its complete being and full potential, is very limited in this setting. And that while we do expect that, despite this prevailing hierarchy and limiting structure, man must perform maximally in the very limited working time and space that he has.

We have come a long way from the main player in the game. Everything but the working person, who can use his full potential, play the leading role in organisations. Structure and hierarchy rules!

Everything that is currently being implemented in organisations, is not involved in creating workspace for productive people to work, play, discover and find out (this is productivity).

Programs such as Agile, LEAN is again an extra method that removes even more working space from the productive person and is laid over the existing structure. We do not let anything really go. The greatest fear that letting go leads to nothing, is based on nothing.

Today I spoke to a leader who has let go of structure in his organisation and gives people space and confidence to find out for themselves. And guess what? Productivity rises 40%, absenteeism decreases considerably and all people are happier and more complete at work.

Can you imagine how much extra time you will have to work productively if you do not have to keep all the meetings, team meetings, bila’s, assessments, interviews, progress interviews etc?

Time to give back playground needed for people to be productive and be able to bring in their Best Self! Time for Better Together!

#BetterTogether #Togetherness #Rebelution


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