What is Best Self?

Creating a Best Self mindset starts with you. A reflection on the self.

  • Which of your experiences resonate?
  • What that you do energizes you most?
  • What do you prefer to do by yourself?

To enable Best Self, you need a setting, a safe space. In which you are able to be Best Self and encourages you to show up. Where you can be Best Self.

Your Best Self is not a list of “what I am good at”. Your Best Self is your story. Experiences you have gone through, where you felt “everything seemed to happen automatically”. That does Best Self.

Example: “I am my Best Self when I do my volunteer work. What happens is that I feel fully present. Not very much in the front nor in the background. Helping unknown people who are facing a difficult situation. I am there to answer questions. I am available and easily approachable”.

What you can take out of this example are core values of this person. Wanting to make a difference, caring for others and giving attention, creating a best well-being.

When we have created a setting together that feels safe to show up and be ourself, everyone has wonderful life-event stories available to share.

Best Self is not always work-related, Best Self presents itself in all sorts of situations. A moment with the children on the couch, a great diving adventure you had, or that time you had coffee with that old neighbour. Won that competition.

As well moments that you have experienced Best Self alone. On your own.

Sharing resonating stories with each other does something in a group. The twinkle in your eyes when you tell your story, makes it a resonating story. Activates listeners, who will not easily forget it. In fact, they often want to know more about it.

After you have shared these stories with others, they know what you are “made off”.

From the example you can read that this person can bring a group of people together. Creates togetherness or easily enters a situation with a group or people who don’t know each other yet or who are having some difficulties with each other.

Without this person explicitly mentioning it.