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Fer de Jong Jongert

We live in a constantly changing world. Change is what we do. Life is all about change. What IS today, can be completely different tomorrow. I am sure you have your own examples of situations like this.

And this is what we know.

How do organisations deal with change?

Over the last decades organisations implemented Change Management and new ways of working like Agile, Lean and open workspaces.

With all good intentions, these are all actions and processes to support people in being open-to-change and to create and have a flexible, open-to-change environment. Explainable and presentable in slides in management meetings and on elevators’ walls.

Before people understand processes and actions that support to be open-to-change, a shift in mindset is needed. A open-to-change mindset. Being Adaptive.

What have we done to create an adaptive mindset that makes you fully embrace change?

When people feel empowered to think outside-their-own boxes, people immediately act differently in news situation and challenge that appear. Without any programme, process or tools, a shift in mindset adapts change fully.

An environment where people are supported and empowered to think out-of-the-box is an environment where people feel seen, heard and listened to. An environment that innovates, stimulates, motivates, encourages and brings collaboration. People take ownership and team-up to excel. They are aware of their own behaviour and how they come across.

Is a shift in mindset hard or difficult to achieve?

Not at all. You do not have to change your organisation, hire new people or set-up a new organisation chart. New ways of working are nice but not necessairy. Neither do you have to constantly talk about Change or what needs to change. An adaptive Well-Being appears when people feel supported and empowered to bring their Best.

When you ask people to bring their Best, people are always motivated, stimulated, constructive and eager. They are present and work at their Best. When you are asked to bring your Best, you are always adaptive to change. Because your Best is needed to make it happen.

Everyone IS every day ready for changes our life is bringing us. In our family, at home, on our travels, with our friends, on our holidays. Everywhere! All without Change Management programmes, processes or environment changes.

People are adaptive to change when they can deliver their Best.

Adaptive organisations are organisations that support people to activate and bring the Best Self. Then the Best Well-Being appears.

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Have a nice Better Together day!


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