Gepubliceerd opPosted on 15 July 2018
Fer de Jong Jongert

What fascinates me most on LinkedIn, that most posts, blogs, ideas and aspirations are about leaders and leadership. In my 20 years of working experiences in 10 multinational corporates, I have to admit, that leadership itself and the leaders did not inspire me the most.

Perhaps I was not lucky, I completely misjudge and see things differently. But also when I talk to colleagues (most of them are here on LinkedIn) about leaders, their style and work, you always talk about what can be done better in that leadership style as well.

When I talk to leaders about leadership, they feel that enormous pressure to perform towards what is expected from them. The more we focus on leaders and leadership, the less they feel space to lead the way they personally want to lead, instead of meeting people’s expectations.

Why is the focus on leadership? Do we keep this focus to have someone to look up to? Or rather to blame? Is it the wannabe in us? Is it perhaps just a cheap excuse not to take a look at the leader in ourself?

True leadership is not about “They” or “Him/Her”. If you want to be a leader; take a look at the Giant Within You. Focus on your Best Self and we are all Leaders! Can you even imagine what result that would bring?

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