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Fer de Jong Jongert

In the Better Together concept, I consciously do not use corporate language. For example, the word Leadership. Or Culture, Management and Core Competencies. The reason is, that many of these words have in organisations a certain energy, not always a good one.

When I started Better Together, a concept that activates Best Self and creates a better together, I was thinking about how this concept could work in a landscape that exists and is built on formats, descriptions, targeted expectations, processes and organisation charts only.

How can Better Together, in current structure, release and empower:

  • Being your Best Self
  •  Stand for Yourself (personal ownership)
  • Being Self-Aware

What do you need to really Be the Complete You? Feel it, embrace it, bring it, live it, enjoy it and make it stick? There is only one thing you really need: Space.

Space: a safe environment that allows you and gives you trust and freedom, encourages to Be You. Bring more of You and longs so badly to make maximum use of all your strengths, passions and ideas. Bring in your Best Self and Be as successful as possible.

Implementing the Better Together concept successfully (you want people to Be their Best, take personal ownership, self-aware), only works without launching a new space-limiting format (process)! Create that space.

Better Together is therefore a “free format” concept, also without any loaded corporate language. No defined steps, processes, structures, formats, Goods or Bads and other “boxes” you have to adapt to. The concept creates and gives a space to Be You, that is the purpose. For you to think and speak freely and openly. Be creative.

In that space, that necessary sense of personal ownership carefully appears. “Wow, it is really okay and actually appreciated to Be Me!” You are creative, you take things on! You feel ownership. You think for yourself again, without format-limitations. Create and determine what Your Way of best working actually is to bring Best Result!

The concept not only gives and creates that space, it also makes it stick and last. Once people are given a sincere feeling of trust and being safe. Being open. They will keep on working not to lose that again. They see it simply works. Because this is what people want! They are and feel strongly empowered from within!

In that space, we are actually creating a Best Well-Being. In a space where people can be the Best Self and are creating themselves together a Best Well-Being.

Talking about creating A Best Well-Being: Of course you can again provide a lot of materials, formats and expectations here. For example explain what THE Best Well-Being is. What is THE Best Setting for a team. Provide THE sample picture of how it should be.

If you do that, people immediately stop thinking and creating themselves. They will try to adjust themselves as much as possible to the format provided, and start forming THE sample picture. This is how we behave at work, we adjust ourselves to formats, processes, settings and strategies day-in-day-out.

Result: People are what others (the format writers) want them to Be, not at all Being their passionate and engaged full Best Self. Not at all taking ownership or work with self-awareness and using all personal strengths available. They are not Best Self neither do they bring Best skills to deliver Best Result.

Next to that, THE Best Well-Being does not exist. A Best Well-Being is based on people’s Best Selves. Every group of people has a unique, best possible for that specific group, Best Well-Being when a space is there to Be your Best Self.

People working at their Best Self are focused, innovative, entrepreneurial. Dare to take risks, because they trust each other. Are open to each other, feel and are safe when they work together. They automatically strongly bond together, based on who they really are. They count on eachother and want to be there for the other.

Letting go of, not only loaded language but also formats, descriptions, targeted expectations, processes and organisation charts, creates that Space needed. Gives complete Trust and Freedom to people to Safely Be your Best and Bring your Best Self.

So, in the end, what brings Better Together then? Yes, it is an synergetic increase in a better cooperation (loaded word), better teamwork (loaded) and we connect better with each other (oh… sounds spiritual and also loaded).

Great moment to choose a new word for what Better Together brings. Activating your Best Self, builds the Best Team, that brings the Best Result in the Best Well-Being.

Better Together brings Togetherness!

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