Better Together is a result of experiences, private and professionally, that inspired me. Combined with what is really important to me. 

  • Make a Difference
  • Care for Others
  • Well-Being

Working together and people-related processes in many different organisations trained me. Restructuring organisations, cultural changes and human behaviour in strongly changing situations and environments.

What resonates best to keep us, human beings, motivated to move towards a desired changing situation?

Students in various educational institutions, who are preparing themselves for the labour market, inspired me as their guest lecturer.

What resonates best with students and empowers them to gather and apply knowledge enthusiastically?

In my immediate surroundings, with my dearest beloved ones, during my walks alone in nature bring me to the essence. Beautiful and moving experiences that I gained in voluntary work in hospices, where I had still-resonating conversations with residents in their last phase of their lives, echo in my mind.

What is a fulfilled life really about?

My summary: Connecting with people from the heart, being together, gives meaning and a feeling of really-being-alive. Makes others and myself better. Brings a resonating difference. Always.

This summary has become my starting point in everything that I do.

Best Self Activation and Better Together Experiences, which I enthusiastically create for and bring to organisations, schools and educational institutions connect.

Resonate with everyone, you and me. 

Fer de Jong Jongert