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Fer de Jong Jongert

From the moment our Ego starts, “I” arises. With that, there is automatically a “You”. And there is where our everyday struggle starts.

Characteristics of Ego thinking are: Power, Opposition, Competition and Enemies. And also Being a Victim, Jealousy, Denial, Coldness, Pride, Intolerance, Complain, Separation and Past/Future.

When our Ego is fed, we behave associated with these characteristics.

If you look at how we have organized work, our Ego is continuously fed. We have positions (separation), hierarchy (power), we reward our employees with salaries in levels (competition). The best playground for jealousy, opposition and enemies. Feelings of coldness, pride and being a victim and complaints.

What can we do to make that better? To fulfill our needs? Unleash our energy and synergy when we are together? What do we really need to be our Best?

A setting that encourages Well-Being. A Better Together, where “We”-thinking is always the start and focus is on Together and Unite.

Characteristics of “We” thinking are: Humble, Sympathy, Tolerance, Freedom, Gratitude. And Love, Happiness, Forgiveness, Peace, Simplicity, Acceptance and Friendliness. Being in the Now.

In a Better Together Well-Being we behave straight from our hearts.

If we want to Be our Best, we need to let go of the Ego-feeding system. Have space to Be and create together a Better Together.

But How?

Space for people to Be, means giving Trust. “I trust you to do the right thing” kind of messages, all over. Stop giving instructions, do not describe what you expect from others. You can do it yourself!

“Think what is Best, do what is Best and Be at your Best, is what is needed to deliver the Best Result”.

When Space and Trust is given, people feel and are safe to Be. They open up who they really are. At their Best.

What creates a Better Together?

A Better Together is not at all difficult to achieve. Simple steps, easy to organise and easy for anyone to understand and get on with.

Three behaviours are required though; Be Honest, Patient and Persistent.

Check-ins in every meeting, asking this question by default: “How do you Feel?”, “Is there anything that prevents you from Being present in this meeting?”

Any conversation you have about goals, performance and results: “Were you able to be your Best Self over the last period?”, “What do you need to be your Best Self more?”

Be grateful, at any time, “Thank you and how nice that you have worked so hard for us!”, also when the result was not that successful.

Default agenda item in all meetings: Better Together. “In the past period, who did you help outside our own team / department?”, “What did you do and what did you learn from this?”

Best Self and Better Together are common words used by anyone. Visible in every speech, document and message internally and externally.

Simple steps making high impact.

The effect?

A Better Together is visible and tangible for Customers, Suppliers and Partners. Delivers immediately a happier, energized, recognized, encouraged and motivated Well-Being.

New hires hear, that they can Be their Best Self at their new workplace. And are selected to create a Better Together in the organisation.

Better Together brings Best Result for customers, partners and contributors by activating and enabling everyone’s Best Self.


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