Gepubliceerd opPosted on 10 August 2018
Fer de Jong Jongert

Yes we, have more than only our Head Intelligence. Behavioural modelling shows, that we actually have three intelligences.

  • Head Intelligence (“I think”, “I reckon”, “I understand”)
  • Heart Intelligence (“I Feel”)
  • Gut Intelligence (“It takes guts to…”, “Let’s Do it!”)

Our society and how we organise our work acknowledge Head Intelligence. All is set in ratio. Facts, numbers, ambitions, recognitions, certifications, status levels, salary.

We ignore, find it difficult, to deal with Heart and Gut Intelligence. In the Heart we Process our Deep Emotions. Our Values are secured. How we Feel. In the Gut we are connected to Our Core Identity. What is Me? What is Not Me? Safety and Protection. Self-preservation. Mobility and Action. But also Fear and Anxiety.

When people are their Best Self, they enable all Intelligences. Environments that acknowledge Head, Heart and Gut Intelligence make people feel seen and heard completely. They can BE, enabling their Best. Create together the Best Well-Being.

Ignoring two of the three Intelligences makes people feel uncomfortable. Not safe and protected, creates fear and anxiety. And people work hard on Preserving themselves. Hiding who they truly are. Create a Me, Myself and I.

Always ready to activate: Fight, Flight and Freeze.

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