Heart-to-Heart Connected

  • You to the best version of yourself: Best Self
  • Our Best Selves to each other: Best Group or the Best Team
  • Us, the Best Group or Best Team, to what we do: Best Result
  • Best Self, Best Team, Best Result emerges the Best Well-Being

The starting point of Better Together is connecting that what drives people and what they are good at to what we are doing and what we have to do is.

Giving space to who you really are and to what you love to do, makes us truly seeing each other.  Get sincere attention for who we naturally are.

The use of our natural talents stimulates the use of who we are, ourselves. That which seems to come naturally and is easily accomplished. This brings out the best in you and me. It creates well-being.

Better Together, Back to Basics

Experience in various organisations and educational institutions and in the areas of change management, leadership and talent development, culture and better cooperation have led to Better Together.

Everyone knows the power of connecting. Every human being comes from connecting. Love, friendship and life-defining moments like birth and death. Experiences in nature. That is where we always connect. Without an agenda, without a fixed plan or a handbook.

If we approach connecting rationally, the experience is different. To actually feel connected to each other, as we experience in love and friendship, is what is missing.

Heart-to-Heart, connecting from being and allowed to be, does bring that feeling. The basis for any form of pleasant and successful togetherness.

What Activates Best Self?

  • Space, where you can be yourself
  • Safety, a safe environment in which you dare to be yourself
  • Trust, the feeling of being allowed to be yourself

Your Best Self arises when all three of these are in full order.

Space, Safety and Trust do not come from using or following a step-by-step plan or process.

Better Together brings a tailor-made approach that allows Best Self and a Better Together Well-Being to emerge.